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Japan Marvelous Drummers

Having performed in over 20 countries across the globe, Japan Marvelous Drummers return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. They use traditional instruments of Japan, which include drums of all

sizes, Japanese flutes and the Koto harp to create a truly unique show. By combining the power of these instruments with dance, humor and beauty, this intense rhythmic show has the power to

change the way you think about Japan forever.

At the Fringe, they received 5 star reviews across the board for two consecutive years. They have won the “ThreeWeeks editors’award” and the “Fukuoka Culture Award”. They have performed at

the “Louis Vuitton America’s Cup” and on “The Outsider”, a movie featuring the Award-Winner Jared Leto, streamed on “Netflix”. The award-winning Japan Marvelous Drummers will bring smiles to audience members everywhere they go.

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Inernational Reviews and Awards


Three Weeks Editors'Award



"Explosion of raw power!"

Three Weeks★★★★★


"Engrossing and rhythmically intoxicating"

Edimburgh Fest Magazine★★★★★


”Dramatic and beautiful”

Female Arts★★★★★


"Phenomenal strength, co-ordination and stamina"

Three Weeks★★★★★


"Intense, engrossing and mesmerisin"


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