Drumming school Kyogakukan, power up your concentration! And rejuvenates your mind!


One of the most traditional japanese instrumets,

the Drum, in Japanese called Taiko or Wadaiko, our school teaches, from the basic, how to hit, how to stand, how to move the drum sticks to high level skills, teached by the coaches of the professional group "Japan Marvelous Drummers" from simple and basic hits to high skilled and complicated rhythms, adapting the class according with the leel of the student, making it easy to learn. Use this opportunity to fell the vibration of Taiko in your whole body, and play as hard as you can, wanna give it a try?

Feel free to come yto our class any time!

■Child/Beginner Course (From ages of 4)

■Child/Intermediary Course (From ages of 7 to 18)

■Child/Advanced Course (From agers of 13 to 18)

■Adult Course (From ages of 18 and older)

■Japanese Flute Class (From ages of 7 and older)

■Company Trainee Course (Adults only)

★Lesson   Types★

Our idea and concept was deliver one of the most traditional japanese Instrumets, the Drum, also known as Taiko or Wadaiko, the the most people as we could, with that feeling and idea we decided to built our drumming school. Our School teaches really carefully from the very basics, how to hold the sticks, how to use your body, and most important, how to hit the drum. Adopting and changing our teaching according with the student level, makikng a easy to learn and enjoyable lesson.

We hear a lot of "i saw on the festival, and always wanted to try!" or "i used to play when i was little", all kinds of people and stories, but one ideal of learning the craft of japanese taiko.

Since In Taiko we use our whole bodies, it works as an workour, and a stress releaser as well. Improves, your music skills, such as rhythm, and also improves you concentration, and exercising not only your body but your brain as well.

★About Lesson★


・Hayate Kids



・Hayate Junior




・Hayate Mini

・Hayate Mini






・Japanese Flute Class


19:00〜20:30(Child/Beginner Course)



19:00〜20:30(Child/Intermediary Course)

20:30〜22:00(Adult Course)



18:00~19:00(Child/Beginner Course)

19:00~20:00(Child/Beginner Course)



18:00〜19:30(Child/Advanced Course)




★  Schedule  ★

Prices and fees:

■Register fee:¥10,000

・When register, you get one drumstick(bachi) set for free.

■Lesson fee:

・Child:¥5,000(4 lessons per month)

・Adult:¥6,000(4 lessons per month)

★ Price info ★

IIzuka Kyogakukan

Studio Rentals


Veru large studio where 40 people can play

all in once.

We have all types of Japanese drums.

Area in ㎡ 12 x 15.5 (186㎡)

Mirror in one side wall

For Big Drum use must pay extra charge.

Includes one whiteboard.

★ Studio   Rentals ★

Iizuka Kyogakukan

Drumming School

〒820-0084 Fukuoka-ken Iizuka-shi

Tsubaki 114-1

Phone 0948-24-7733

Fax     0948-43-3529

Email: japanmarvelous@yahoo.co.jp

Open Hours:

Mon~Fri 11:00〜21:00


(Closed on Sat・Sun・Holidays)

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